CTS-30C Thickness Gauge

CTS-30C Thickness Gauge

Description :

Standard Configuration
CTS-30C Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
TG5-10L Probe (with cable)
Data Transmission Software Disk
Data Transmission Cable
System Bag

Optionnel : EN15317 certificat 85€

The CTS-30C is an entry-level & cost-effective thru-coating thickness gauge, especially good for
thru-coating thickness measurement on painted and coated thin wall pipe in machinery, chemical,
ship building, aeronautical and aerospace industries.
Small size, lightweight, super-low consumption and easy operation makes it suitable for aloft and
field work.
●Fast Scan
●Two-point calibration
●Multi-probe selection
●Thru-coating measurement

Garantie : 24 mois pour l'unité principale à partir de la date d'expédition.
6 mois pour les sondes conventionnelles à partir de la date d'expédition.